Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let's mix!

Dear cuddlers,
I hope ya'll had a great Xmas or Hanukkah or solstice, I did for sure! No, I didn't get some Pioneer CDJ 2000s but I did get a fabulous couple of days with my honey pie and family. Now that we're in the weird limbo-peroid between Xmas and New Years I'm kinda bored again.. I'll be at Sea of Dreams rocking out but sadly not playing this Thursday, poke me if you're gonna be there too! I have been downloading shit-tons of awesome Dubstep, Tech House, Electro House and Disco shit lately from seems a bunch of music blogs are doing a top songs of 2009 so get on there and grab some sweet free MP3s!
In other news I'm broke again, got my car towed a couple weeks ago and it took all my money and some to get it out so if you feel kind please buy me a pack of smokes or maybe some whiskey! ;) <3
Also, please go to and listen to my mix and vote for it! Then maybe I'll get some of those CDJ 2000s! Woho!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Meat Popsicle..

Dear Dancers, prancers and pranksters,
December has been good to me, have been playing a couple of awesome shows and rocking out with many friends. Last Sunday night I played my first Tech House set ever and I have not had as much fun for a while! I get an unusual thrill from playing a genra that's new to me and I would like to thank Brandon of WERD for booking me there. I think I shall re-record that set again because it was so eclectic for being "Tech House" and the dance floor seemed to love it.
My birthday party went off really well, a lot of Strategik was there and Brass Tax and Opulent temple/Opel represented as well. Only about 30 people came, next time I will make sure to keep it a little less private but I had a great time with everyone there. Thank you everyone for making my life so fun and special!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy birthday to me...

Well sweeties,
It's been an amazing 25, became a DJ, lost one relationship and gained another, moved to SF which I have wanted for a couple of years, had the best Burning Man ever, gained an immense amount of new friends, finally joined a social network since BME iam, and I think I have grown emotionally and mentally as well. A little less scared and a lot more confident in my body and skills. I still have a lot to work on but things are looking up right now.. Definitely looking forward to next year and 26!

Something I have been neglecting posting is my first collaboration of Dubstep with Justin previously known as :Prophet. This was made specifically for Dubstep Vs. Disco that I attended many times up the street from my house. After we recorded it I found out they were going to end it the next week :P but they did play the recording about 5 times in the front room of Poleng Lounge the last night so that made me a little more happy.

Lucky Dub October 2009