Monday, December 6, 2010

Werk werk werk

Dear dreamers,
Been an interesting few months since my last post, I've been busy as a bee and had very little time to direct at promotion, DJing, partying and the like. I have had my eye on a VCI-300 MK2 ever since my old teacher Justin got one and now that I'm done with motorcycle class that will be my next purchase once I save enough green. There will be a bit of a learning curve for a month or two but it will be worth every minuet, I'm already super excited about it!
In other news I'm heading to FL to visit my boy's family for X-mas and will be back just in time for new years. Happy holidays!
I miss all you guys and I'll be back on the circuit again next year with a new found enthusiasm and joy/toy!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yes, I'm lazy but also busy and dealing with some heavy psychological shite. I had a fantastic Burning Man and played some nice campouts afterward. The industry I am in is busiest at this time of year and I feel like I need to hone my DJing skills a little more before a very important all night dance celebration this winter in SF.
Hopefully some mixes to come very soon!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Going home!

Dear dusty darlings,
I'm heading off to the desert in about 6 hours hopefully. I have 2 pre-planned gigs on the playa and may take more random ones if I feel up to it, I'll be camped at Opulent Temple (2&B) so come by and say hi if ya like!

Tu-tu Tuesday: 10pm-2am play on the Nautilus X art car!

Thursday: 8-9:15pm play at OPULENT TEMPLE!!!!! Please wear disco/funk/b-boy type outfits! :D

Ok, see you guys in the sun!

Bonus: Friends & Family Campout recording! 90-100 BPM Superstition:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fine Cut Devils

Dear ravers, metal heads, hipsters, goths, hippies and non-labeled,
Amazing pride weekend!
Highlights included randomly running into my friend Spiro and DJing in his front yard right next to Dolores park, witnessing an engagement made out in green lazer, hanging with the east bay peeps (miss you!) and DJing my butt off on a Funktion 1.. again. ;)
Friday, July 2nd
Opulent Temple Under Ground (!)

We're back in the underground with a new twist. This is at the same vibey spot we've done a few sweet gatherings in SF South of Market area .
Intimate space, phat sound. This one's an open party (ie, no 'membership' required), only a $10 cover, but to prevent over crowding and preserve the vibe you DO need a pre-sale to get the address and get in.

Get a pre-sale here:

Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Cosmic Selector (Opulent Temple / Tek Freaks)
Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple / Dvant Garde)
Brian Peek (Opulent Temple)
FM Marc (Hi'rentertainment / Reno)
Whiskey Devil (on first at 11pm)

SF SOMA location
NO SMOKING - NO INS & OUTS - plan accordingly (!)
July 17th
Super secret rave in east bay
I'll be playing dubstep and possibly tag-teaming.
In the 2nd room at 2am.
More info to come soon hopefully.
((If you have ever been to my home you have seen my giant pictures of Burning Man up on the walls, all of those pictures will be displayed at this event. I shall not be DJing and lots of awesome people will be!)

July 24th, 2010
SAFFF & Strategik present: DREAM
Come out and join us for a delightful night of fashion, film, art and of course dirty bumpin beats!
This is the 2nd installment of SAFFF's fundraising efforts to help make the SAFF Festival "dream" a reality. We have a great night planned for all of you at a virgin location with a SICK visual and musical experience from SOUL IN THE MACHINE!!

8pm - 10pm = Art, Film, Fashion, Drink & Food (+ music & dancing of course)

Art by: Whiskey Devil
Film by: Cody McClintock
Fashion by: Clavada Designs
Jewelry Design by: Wesley Rivas

*Just added*
Live comedy and our fashion show host Frankie QuiƱones

Music, stage setup & visual stimulation by:
Additional aural stimulation from:
Mace (Brass Tax)
Audiovoid (LayerZ / Muti Music)
Influence (Strategik)
Pirata (Strategik)
Bill Samuels (Wasnt Us / Strategik)
Terminal Shock (Strategik)

Outside Smoking Area with the DoDo Bus
Fire performances from the one and only Jaden Rose
8pm - 6am
100% of the proceeds go to helping SAFFF's "dreams" come true and to help spread awareness of easier ways to make the world a better place.

$5 before 10pm
$10 after 10pm
$15 after midnight

More info about SAFFF
Signup on our email list here for directions and event info..
Directions will be sent out the day of the event.

Friday, June 18, 2010

LIL Update:

Here's some changes and updates, very small.
---Here is the schedule for Mega-Precompression. I'm playing in the Nautilus X (I think that's the super long art bus)
9:00-9:20 Brad Barton (magician)

9:20-11:00 Whiskey Devil (DJ)

11:00-12:00 Neon Bunny

12:00-1:00 DJ Justin Credible

1:00-2:00 dj Melotronix

---At the Space Pirate party I'll be playing from 4-5 am instead which I was told is a great set time so expect some bangers!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The beat don't stop

Dear bad ass mother fuckers,
I am so freakin' tired still from the Feather River Campout but it was totally worth the energy, drive and time. I played a dubstep set and then a couple hours later played a funky breaks set on Saturday. Sunday I played a 4 hour house set starting with techno, tech house and minimal and then moved to electro cuz it's so easy. I impressed some Friends and Family which is good because I would love to play their main campout.
In other news I just started a new job at an organic pie an ice cream shop called Chili Pies some come on by! I needed a little steady job and I'm still working as a stage hand with Stage 2 Design as well.
And on to the fun:
Lots of gigs are randomly popping up which is awesome because things had slowed down to almost nothing earlier. Here is the down low low down:
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 9:00pm
2367 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA
Come on out and celebrate the birth of GruntWorthy, a future bass label, & monthly event starting this Wednesday JUNE 16.

GruntWorthy Residents:
Carly-D [GW/Mallabel]
Dr.Knobz [GW/Mallabel]
Doug Surreal [GW/Badman Press]

Anti-Bio-Tick [Connoisseur Collective]
MiHKAL [Symbiosis Artists]
Minnesota [Gruntworthy]
Jai Soleil [Seed]

Just added Upstairs (House, Breaks, Bassline, Fidget)
Dj Hax
Whiskey Devil
Helicopter Showdown
Free b4 10. $5 after
18 plus

850-950 Jai Soleil
950-1050 Carly-D vs Dr.Knobz vs Doug Surreal
1050-1150 MiHKAL
1150-1250 Antibiotick
1250-150 Minnesota

950-1050 Whiskey Devil (electro house set)
1150-1250 Hax & Ixnee
1250-150 Helicopter Showdown
Burning Man presents a Mega-PRECOMPRESSION…

Launching our 25th BURNING MAN Season!!!
Saturday, June 19th
8pm to 4am; Come early to avoid the line and not miss the fire performances!
At The Concourse Exhibition Center and parking lot next door
635 8th St (enter at 7th St & Brannan), SF, CA 94103

$25 Advanced sale at .$30 Door in costume/playa finery; $35 street clothes; 21+ over; Outside Fire Art & Sculpture Garden; Inside Art & Artifacts

Art • Music • Performance * Fire Artistry * Theme Camps * Art Cars * You!

A historic & spectacular night! Celebrate on the original Summer Solstice weekend it all began in 1986 with a fiery and festive Precompression event in the heart of San Francisco! Ramp up your Radical Self-Expression because tonight marks the launch of the 25th Burning Man season and we want YOU to pARTicipate!

Join MANY longstanding playa favorites! Look back at where we’ve come from and get a sneak preview of Metropolis 2010 projects and where burners are going as a global community and culture.

Music & Performances: Mutaytor; Copper Lantern Fire Theater; Soul in the Machine; Vau de Vire Society; Capacitor; MoPo; Nocturnal Sunshine; Space Cowboys (8ball, Deckard, Zach Moore, EricHz, Kapt’n Kirk); UBUV; Afrolicious; Pyronauts; Scot Jenerik; Hookahdome; Gooferman; Smoove; Fou Fou Ha!; Dex Stakker; Hybridz ‘R Us; Mancub; Bad Unkl Sista; ICON; EO; The Fossettes; Hobo Gobbelins; Shredder Hoops; Metamorphosis Ballet; Imps of Sneth; Firish; Kiss & Tell; Dark Sparkle Burlesque; CaroLuna; Isopop; Monkey Chant; DJ Dragonfly; Vulcan Crew; Neon Bunny; Ian Michael Smith & Bliss Butterfly; Mo Corleone; Shovelman; Alt Tal; Justin Credible; Spiral; Magician Brad Barton; beatbox by One Mouth Band; Matt Jalbert; SatsiSonik; Whiskey Devil; Nancy Asiya Belly Dance; a Kidnap Fashion Show “curated” by Animal Control; and MEGA-many more!

Art & Artifacts: Jennybird Alcantara; Dana Albany; Maricela Alvarez; David Best; Bruce Beeley; Joegh Bullock; James Cole; Karen Cusolito; Dan DasMann; Tony Deifell; Chris De Monterey; Wally Glenn; Emma Hardy; Justin Gray; Flaming Lotus Girls; Flux Foundation; Al Honig; Laura Kimpton; Kinetic Cab Company; Lasers&; Danny Macchiarini; Nightshade; Playaflies; Kitty Gordon; Jess Hobbs and Rebecca Anders; $teven Ra$pa; Pierre Riche; Mini Man & The Mini Man Crew; Brad Templeton; Todd Williams; Ben Zero; and more!

Art Cars & Camps: The Alkaline Cafe; Playapus Corralus; Bed Rock Hot Rod Taxi; PhotoBoof; Tundra Bunny; Nautilus X; The UNIMOG; Black Rock Indie Fest; Dilated Peoples Eye Spa; Workshop Corner; Earth Guardians; Beauty Shop of Horrors; Order of the Disgruntled Octopi; Excellent Adventure Display; etc and HOORAY!

So, dust off that playa spirit and dress to express! This night is the focal point of a full month of celebrations and events leading up to our 25th Burning Man event and the year beyond. You won’t want to miss it! More info and schedules:

Artists, art cars, non-sound theme camps, and acoustic performers still interested in participating, email: Especially string musicians to play unamplified in the sculpture garden after our sound permit ends outside.

To volunteer:
Wicked Wednesdays
9 pm - 2 am
No Cover

HyperKat-Productions proudly presents-WiCKED WeDNESDAYS-a bi-weekly event focused on
bringing you the best local and regional DJ talent showcasing the finest Electro,
Tek-Funk, Breakbeat, Dubstep & Drum 'n Bass-FOR FREE, YO!!

Join us this Wednesday June 23th, 2010 for WiCKED WeDNESDAYS at its new home and everybody's favorite local underground venue... SHINE SF!!

So, for all you beat junkies out there lookin' for the perfect beat, the fattest bassline, or

dirtiest jam, mark your calendars cuz we got somethin' for you! Come hear the drumma' get
WiCKED starting at 9pm every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at Shine SF, and be sure to arrive
early to get your drink on with our recession friendly 2 for 1 well drink specials before
(I'll be playing some dubstep first so get there early!)
****Officially Announcing by Royal Decree of the Intergalactic Council of Rabble Rousers****


--- A special celebration in honor of Princess Zoso's Birthday & all her cosmic conspirators!!!!

Presented by Princess Zoso, DJ Dragn’fly, StrategiK and Funky Baby
Saturday, June 26, 2010
10pm - 6am


DJ Denise (Mizumo Music/
Forest Green ( Fang Recordings)
Dragn'fly (
Raydeus (GuerillaBASS/STiRTy)
Vitamindevo (3l3tronic/Robot Heart)
Danger Muffin (Danger Muffin Productions)
Twisted Scissor ( - Happy Birthday!
Tyler Reed (as Tyler Reed)
Whiskey Devil (I play at 11pm)


J Hazen
Jay Vigor - Happy Birthday!
MOD vs Simple Green vs Loryn
ECQ vs DJ Rockit
Pirata vs Tsunami 9

Tabloid Baby
Redstickman (Ambient Mafia/Epiphany)
Derick Ion of Satya Yuga Collective
Mo Corleone (Ambient Mafia/Want It!)
Shane (Ambient Mafia/Epiphany)
Harken (Ambient Mafia/Epiphany)




July 17th
Thought Reform
I shall be playing in the side room some dark crazy dubstep at 2am. More info to come hopefully.
Here's a little recording of me messing around the 90 bpm range at home :
And here is also a recording of me and Sean Infinitee tag teaming with me:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holla if ya hear me!

Dear funkateers,
Things are good, DJing a bit and working more equals a happy "rich" Devil! I have practicing a bunch now that I've got some sweet speakers and Serato 2.0 was just released. FX are dope and I can upload the playlist as I'm playing, feel free to check out my profile on the Serato website here. Lots of other cool stuff as well and I've started messing with midi controllers and thinking about buying one of those Korg Nano controllers(with all the faders and knobs). Any suggestions about a good pair of DJ headphones?

Some exciting stuff coming up! Check it:

BORDERTOWN: An Old West Bonanza and Benefit for Burners Without Borders!
May 15, 2010

@ CELLSpace
2050 Bryant Street, SF, CA
$12 before 10:30PM, $20 after 10:30PM

Performers and Artists include:
Whiskey Devil (Much Thump), James Cole, DJ Feral (Hookahdome), Gamelan X, Hypnotist Collective, Janaka Selekta (Hookahdome), Jef Stott (Hookahdome), Kerri Kresenski, Nightshade, ONYD, Ra So, Shissla (Space Cowboys), shOOey (Space Cowboys), AND MUCH MORE!

Welcome to the rough and tumble frontier—an area where anything can happen, dreams are realized, and no one can be trusted! Hit the dusty trail with us and head to BORDERTOWN! Come as your favorite old west character. Be the gunslinger, the showgirl, the gold seeker, the outlaw, the cathouse Madame, the barkeep, or any of the denizens of Bordertown! Revel in three environments of performance, music, art, dancing, decor, and merriment. Join us for our art auction and walk home with fantastic deals on amazing one-of-a-kind art pieces.

100% of the net proceeds from Bordertown will go to benefit Burners Without Borders projects worldwide. Help Burners Without Borders continue to support worldwide efforts of civic and social activism. From continuing relief work in areas devastated by Katrina, to relief efforts in Haiti, to empowering African street kids through teaching the art of fire poi, Burners Without Borders mission to bring the principle of gifting—common at Burning Man—to the greater world has been astoundingly successful. Help Burners Without Borders projects continue to grow and achieve great things! For more information about Burners Without Borders projects worldwide, check out:


To see BWB’s very real impact in Peru, check out this video:
(no idea when I'm playing yet so get there early and stay late!)
FRC the Ocho (aka Feather River Campout 8), June 11-13, 2010
A Friends and Family Campout under the stars
on the banks of Bucks Lake

The Feather River Campout is moving to a new space this year. While it is still in the Plumas National Forest near Quincy, it's actually not, technically speaking, on the Feather River. It is, however, still technically a campout and we think you're going to love the new location.

Yes, we know it's a four-hour drive from the Bay Area, but can we tempt you with our beautiful campground next a gorgeous alpine lake? How about our sweet sound by P4 pumping out tunes from some of your favorite FnF DJs (and some new blood too)?

What if we told you that everyone's favorite DJ mobsters, the Ambient Mafia, will be your Friday night sound conductors, providing relaxing downtempo and ambient sounds to greet you when you arrive? Still not convinced? OK, don't tell the boss we're doing this, but we'll even throw in the friendly supportive community, cool hosts and several other amazing surprises for no extra charge!

Damn, you drive a hard bargain, but we're sure you're going to really enjoy this top-of-the-line campout experience.

Please come prepared! Treats to share, costumes and finery combined with common-sense attention to the camping environment, a pack-it-in-pack-it-out ethos, and your smiling face are all you need for a great time in the woods! There are campfire pits and onsite grills, so bring fuel and yummy stuff to grill. No food will be provided at this event, so BYOF.
Confirmed DJs include
George Cochrane
DJ Fllow
Pauly Vinyl
Larry Ching
DJ Salex
DJ Innaseoul
Whiskey Devil
and more TBA...

Ticketing this year is a little bit different than in years past. We will send you real tickets as opposed to maintaining a guest list at the gate. Go to You will need a Paypal account, credit or debit card to complete the transaction.
Please help us out by getting your tix soon! Ticket prices are:
$30 through June 1 (last tickets will be mailed by June 2)
After June 1, if any tickets are left, and until June 9, tickets can be purchased at $35 each; however, they will be left for you at will call. No ticket orders will be accepted after June 9.
There will be no ticket sales at the gate (absolutely none) so get your tickets now! Directions and other information provided once you purchase your ticket.

We can't wait to see you there!
I just recorded a Yoga CD for my mom's class, might be nice to go to sleep to:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't be sorry be yourself!

Dear riders,
What an amazing weekend that was! Beautiful summer weather in the middle of April, I hope ya'll got out on Sunday because it was in the 70's where I was (Dirty Bird rocked!)
Wednesday I played my favorite set ever at Shine and even tag-teamed with Anthony James! Sadly I did not record it. :P
Thanks again for joining my mailing list and coming out to my gigs! I have recently been burning as many CDs as possible and giving them out at my gigs so feel free to come up and bug me for one but remember you can also get all my mixes at too (just scroll down).

Lots of things popping up in the books lately!
Just Because Productions in association with Energy Ent. presents:
April 20th
420 fun with djs, tacos, beer and the boogie.

from 4:20pm to 4:20am and beyond!!!!!! a twelve+ hour excursion starting with some funky dj's to make you dance, followed by some DnB for the jungle lovers, some more funky groovy-ness then some dubstep and glitch and if you are still standing, vibrate to psytrance!

Funktion 1 sound provided by Team Infinity

DJ lineup
4:20pm to 6pm Tomas Cruzio n co (Symbiosis)
6pm to 7pm Moody Eva ( )
7pm-8pm East Bay Jay (Amphibious Funk n ????)
8pm-9pm Clymax
9pm-10pm Chris the Junglist(Primitive Science)
10pm-11pm Cumulus (Connoisseur Collective )
11pm-12am Spektrum (
12a-1am El Krunko GRANDE (dnb)
1am-2am WhiskeyDevil (dnb into dubstep!)
2am-3am Mikhal
3am-4am Parameter
4am-5am Anti-bio-tik
5amtil?? Tehuti (Team Infinity)

Bake sale with lots of goodies both "special" and not-so special
Taco and Beer stand
Bars for those 21+w/ID
all on the cheap and good
donations at the door are gladly accepted
Location: Google ASA Academy in Oakland.

Horny Taurus Funk House Rock!!!
Friday, April 23, 2010 at 9:00pm
Paradise Lounge
1501 Folsom St at 11th
San Francisco, CA
This is an event to celebrate all of the Taureans in San Francisco and beyond.

The Theme is Horns Feathers and Furs or bullish outfits

There will be two rockin bands and 8 Fantastic Djs. The beats will be pumpin till 4 am. There are going to be 6 smoking hot dance crews who will be performing on the main stage all night for your entertainment. We have some hoop dancers (even Jaden Rose performing the Double Hoop), some poi dancer, a feather fan dancer, a belly dancer and some cage dancers.

The Schedule is as follows:

Upstairs (smoking Room)

10 - Chendo
11 - Whiskey Devil
12 - Sonic Valium
1 - Simple Green
2 - Tag

Main Room

9 - Chris O
10 - Adam Brody
11 - Bearded Lady
12 - Nonchalant
1 - Scoundrel
2 - Ground Control
3 - Tag

This will be a night of great fun and debauchery for all. Can't wait to rock out for you in celebration of mine and all of the other Taurus Bdays.

Get your pre-sale tickets while they last. There are only 50 left at $5. The cover at the door is $12.

If you're a Taurus, don't buy a pre-sale ticket because you get in free (with horns!!)

Woo Hoo!!!!

(*If you are looking for some sweet horns to rock at this party I suggest going to WWW.PANSDEVILHORNS.COM I used to make horns for them and it's a local kick-ass company! Mention Whiskey Devil sent you and get a discount!

I will be playing some chill step in the smoking lounge upstairs)

DODO Rising
Art car fundraiser

Friday, April 30, 2010 at 9:00pm-4:00am
Triple Crown
1760 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

Flap your tailfeather down to Triple Crown before you go extinct!

Dr. Rek [Dodo]
Dex Stakker [Opulent Temple]
Ding Dong [Brass Tax]
P-DUB [GuerillaBASS]
Whiskey Devil
Dr. Whiskers [Dodo]
Manopause [Dodo]!/?ref=logo

Here is my re-recorded mix from Wicked Wednesday! Thanks to all you for coming out that night!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moonfrog Jive

Dear Sweetness,
A seriously amazing month this has been, last weekend I played at 3
different birthday parties every night! I'm still getting over Mexico...

I would like to throw a little shout out about the next Opulent Temple
Intimate Get Together: The Third Seal
I'll be volunteering and I'm sure from what everyone else said about
the other 2 it will be a fantastic night!
Tix and info here:

Here's what's going on in my DJ universe next:

Calling all East Bay and SF beat junkies!! Join us on April 7th, 2010
for another installment of WiCKED WeDNESDAYS!! An East Bay event
focused on bringing you the best local and regional DJ talent
showcasing the finest Electro, Tek-Funk, Breakbeat, Dubstep & Drum 'n
Bass-FOR FREE, YO! Come support the DJs you love, and rock it on the
flo' while we BiG UP THE 5-1-0!
Lounge 3411 is located just off 580 in the Oakland hills-well WiCKED
soundsystem, HAPPY HOUR DRINK SPECIALS BEFORE 11PM, and plenty of
free, safe street parking available!!
Guest DJs:
(Opulent Temple)
WHISKEY DEVIL <<(Much Thump,
(Refined Recordings)
Plus Resident:
(, iBreaks Radio)

Hope 2 C your WiCKED bass faces there!!

@ LOUNGE 3411
3411 Macarthur Blvd.
Oakland, 94602
21+ w/ID
GuerillaBASS Happy Hour!
Friday April 16th
The Triple Crown
1760 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

I shall be opening up the night with a rare Tech House(ish) set so get
there early!
Alright and now for the MP3s!
My electro house Mexico set:
I can't remember where I recorded this breaks mix from March:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bare in mind, we all fall behind, from time to time

Dear disco infiltrators,
What an amazing month this has been! Yosemite one weekend, Mexico the next and job hunting like crazy in between.
So, Mexico.. ;)
Started off almost missing the flight down to San Diego then meeting up with Smoove, Michelle and Laird,(who I am still surprised I've never met before!) Short 1 hr flight down then split into 2 high-clearance vehicles and quick stop at the grocery store and on we went! Getting through the border and Mexicali was un-eventful thankfully and once we hit the playa (yes, just like the )'( one) we happened upon a bunch of Fuente partiers celebrating. An excited beer or shot and we all rolled out as one down the washboard road leaving only dust behind.
After climbing over some serious rocks and driving through a small river we were here! We unpacked and decided no to stay at any of the campgrounds but be a "satelite SFDJ camp" and found a nice private space next to the bridge with a bunch of palm trees and frogs. Set up shop with little light we had left then headed over to the stage to mingle, dance and later DJ.
Right before my set Saynt (who throws Fuente Eterno with Blue) explained my story to the crowd; How I had come to Fuente 2 years ago and never listened to electronic dance music until that pivotal party and am now a DJ because of it!
I rocked out like a mad man the whole time, the monitors sounded so fantastically clear (stereo) I couldn't help but dance my ass off, friends told me later all they could see were my horns bobbing and bouncing around.
Fuente Electro 2010 live set!
After that set I didn't sleep all night because of the energy I had stirred up, sleeping pills didn't help either.
Friday me and Lex went on a 3 or 4 hour hike up the canyon following the waterfalls and climbing over giant boulders the whole time. We made it past the 3rd waterfall and headed back since we had almost run out of water and food. In celebration we sat under a giant carved out rock next to the water fall pool and I got drunk off some rum and coke and he busted out a couple of Tecantes. (ah the Mexico life!)
That night was filled with some of the most amazing performances I had seen, the first was a native American goddess ritual with fire dancing and some of the most amazing hoop-dancing I have ever seen. The second was a western saloon shoot-out with everything on fire.(practically!) A great night of dancing and some hot-tubbing thrown in and I finally got some sleep.
Saturday is always the infamous pool party. Lex and I got there early and I went around handing out rum shots half the time, after a fantastic performance of "Dick in a Box" we left a little early and passed out for a couple hours... what a hang-over! That night was one of my best-dancing nights of this year for SURE. Tons on energy and dancing all over the place to some AMAZING DJs! Oscure, Michael Insane, and a couple more that I cannot remember at this time. Sunrise in the hot spring hot tub with some great music and great friends? priceless.
Sunday was roll around in the tent with Lex for hours then pack super fast then wait at the border for 2+ hours to get through then miss flight home (stupid daylight savings time) and crash out in the hotel. :P
Monday we ate at this awesome breakfast place in San Diego and flew home. Great end to a great vacation! Woohoo!!!
Here's a sweet video to check out of some of the stuff that went on there.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just say yes

Dear Healthies,
This sickness is kicking my butt! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow morning so no worries, they will fix me. (Thankfully even after coughing my brains out I can still do some internetting.) The fantastic Simple Greene recorded my set from Valentine's day so check it out and tell me what ya think! I'm not totally happy with some of the mixes but people seemed to love it there, I even got handed $10 from someone in the crowd! After a long day of depression and sadness then 6 or 7 shots of whiskey I think I did a pretty good job considering. ;)

Here it is for your listening pleasure!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Kittens,
Well that was a crazy 2 weekends to put under my belt. I am still sick but thankfully I'm slightly less broke, I have to say I LOVE CLOSING. I'ts so much more fun usually then opening, the die-hards are always there and I get to play the heavy shit which is super fun. I get cut off early a lot because of the bar but sometimes I get to play longer then any one else. Valentines day was pretty depressing but once I got to Triple Crown, had 6 shots and later DJed my frown had turned upside down. One of the most fun sets I've played since Burnlesque, hopefully I'll get the recording from Simple Greene so I can share the luv.
So the only thing that's coming up for me for now is Fuente Eterno in Mexico! I've added some pictures I scrounged up from years past to show ya what it's like. 4 days of awesome sauce with 2 stages and a pool party on Saturday. Hiking, personal hotspring tubs at every camp site, 4 waterfalls, amazing views in a place that is exactly like what you think of as an "oasis". Tix are sold out but people will be getting rid of theirs all before the event so just check criagslist, FB and email the guys at the site if ya would like to go. I'm playing the main stage Thursday night (I think?) so if you are in need of a vacation this is the place to go!
Here's the blurb on their website:
"In the sleepy dawn of humanity, mankind made perhaps its most important discovery. Long before the advent of cell phones, motor cars, or even books, mankind discovered The Beat. The Beat gave birth to Dance and the timeless union of the two became the foundation of our most ecstatic celebrations and most sacred rituals. Only recently have the two been thought separate. Separate they will be no more.

In the past 4 years of Fuente Eterno, we have grown, loved, laughed, and shared. We have discovered that the spiritual and the celebratory are not only compatible, but essential to each other. Like our tribe, they support each other, define each other, and allow each other to blossom to their full potential of being. If Fuente Eterno had lasted 2 years, it might have been called "luck". If Fuente Eterno had lasted 4 years, it might have been called "persistence". However, now in it's 5th year... Fuente Eterno can be called nothing short of a phenomenon....... and that pheonominon is YOU.

We ask once again that you take up the instruments of our ancestors because The Divine is but a cosmsic conductor and we, the instruments being played by its need for infinite perspective. As a Tribe we will sing out our notes with such ecstacy so that the celestial sound rings in the halls of the ages and never loses so much as an ounce of the passion with which they were played. Discover the union of sacred and celebratory within you and the warmth of friends and family that surround you. Discover joy, laughter, love, and the loss of all unimportant attachments. Discover The Beat and Dance with your family, your friends, your TRIBE. Discover the Tribal Celebration....

Discover Fuente Eterno again... for the first time.

Welcome to Fuente Eterno…"

Much love and many hugs! WD

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We won't stop!

Dear Sweets,
Last weekend really took it out on me, I think that was the first time I've played every day of the weekend. Now that I have semi-recovered I'd like to share with ya some upcoming shows and stuff! This weekend is looking to be even busier for me with multiple bookings Sat night, at least they aren't even a block away. :)
Anon/N!NE presents..


in association with our friends

Friday, Feb. 12, 2010
@ Anon Gallery
285 9th St./ SF

A LOVE & HAITI benefit too..
To help raise funds for Burners w/o Borders work in Haiti
Check out Burning Man Earth's "Gaia GPS (Haiti)" iPhone App

PLUS a memory-raising send-off for the passing of our pal,
David “Lazy $lave” Minassian
(Memorial event on Feb. 27 @ Anon Gallery)
[[[ + RIP to Eric Johnson - a wonderful brother ]]]

As always, this is a DONATION ONLY event.
We encourage and appreciate your support
and wouldn't be here without you. Thank you!

• The gorgeous Sea of Dreams Mermaids/ Venus in Velvet
• Sea of Dreams Mermaid Love Gallery/ Joegh Bullock
• Sea of Dreams videos/Luis Luxvibes (Luxvibes)
• LoveTech U-Mix-It/ Digital Jam Lounge/ Rich DDT (LoveTech)
---Sign Up Here and Bring Your Instruments:
• DIY LoveTech Zoetrope – Tim Anderson
• Contact Juggling - Richard Hartnell
• Synchronized ColorSynths - Eric Bateman (LoveTech)
• Gaze/ An Interactive Eye - Mary Franck (False-Profit)

• CHELSEA FAITH (LoveTech) + ColorSynths
• EDISON (LoveTech)
• RIBOTTO (LoveTech)
• JANAKA SELEKTA (Gods Robots)
• MYCHO PAN COCOA (MalLabel/Janky Barge)
• KASHIA (Anon)
• RICH DDT (LoveTech)
Freeform vs. Dubalicious w/ special guests BAM vs M.O.D. plus Whiskey Devil
Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 9:00pm
1337 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA

Hello kiddies,

Thanks to all of you for making our 3 yr. anniversary so special. Extra big thanks to Michael Hearn for rockin the decks on his debut and packing the joint by 9pm!

Our next stop on the FreeDub train we have a very special musical performance: BAM and M.O.D. will be tearing Shine a new one on 3 turntables, complete with scratching, funked-up goodness! This will be a set you do not want to miss.

Opening up the night is another up and coming dj who is quickly rising up, Whiskey Devil. We seem to be the launch pad for many a new dj in SF. (((I am playing first so come early early!))).

And, as always, your favorite resident djs, Floorcraft and Jonboy, will graciously do what they best: ROCK IT!

We will not only be celebrating (or bashing) Valentine's Day, but will also be celebrating birthdays of Yanti, Floorcraft, and all other Aquarians!

FREE before 10:30 by replying "Attending" on this invite.!/event.php?eid=271978735823
Otherwise, it is only a measly $5, for what will surely be another epic night!

peace and love,

your FreeDub crew
Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 10:30pm
There's a glove around our heart when we wield it like a tool;
The ART OF LOVE gallery-warming fundraiser has grown 3 sizes bigger for real!

The Village Arts Space' 11,000 sq ft, 2-story warehouse in SoMa will brim on February 13th with Paintings! Visuals! Sculptures! Interactive Craft! Live Creation! Tumblers! Dancers! Delicious Vittels! Fashion Design! Kissing Booth Operators! DJs! Live Performance! Chocolate!
And Every Face a Different Shade at the ART OF LOVE gallery-warming masquerade ball!

February 13th; over two dozen musical acts, burlesque, belly-dancing and all manner of sultriness plus several delectable reveals as you explore the many masks of love from 8pm to sunrise! Will you?

Admission $10 w/mask, $15 w/o via invitation and RSVP only
Location to be announced via phone or email to RSVP list 10 February 2010.
Doulas & Midwives admit freely.


Lokesh, eYen.zak, & DJ Pranawave will guide us through worldy ecstatic dance from 830 to 1130 before Palindrome cools us down for the soothing sounds of Lila Rose & Hot Pink Purple [Anahata & dangeRuss]. Janaka Selekta and Radiohiro then set fire to the shisha while Byron Lightweaver, Outersect & Chlorophil carry us into Phidelity's sunrise set. Will there be belly-dancers and other live-performers? It is the Hookahdome room.


Something wicked this way womps when Inquell, Whiskey Devil & Shakti Bliss kiss us with heart-centered dubstep sets through midnight. But don't blow your dance-card this early. Mal favorites Skulltrane & El Diablo grind us into a Mozaic headchange, before Mochipet promises to lovningly slay us [what does that even mean?]. Can the Ninjatune crew end their international tour with us as an official after-party? Come as hard as you like guys, Lotus Drops' goddess-whomp will nurture us enough to face Valentine's Day like it ought.

Plus, Vittles, Libations, & Delectable Unveil as we swap true masks and enjoy the prayerformances of Niema Lightseed, the Counter-Culture Collective, and my-oh-my, Jill Parker & Elana Brutman. I'm gonna have to enjoy a cup of Om Shan Tea, and engage the private art collections of Ecoartopia and over a dozen independent artists.

If this raises funds and warms the gallery, I can't wait to see it hot; Come swerve your hearts & hips and show us what mask ya got!

Admission $10 w/mask, $15 w/o via invitation and RSVP only
Location to be announced via phone or email to RSVP list 10 February 2010.
Doulas & Midwives admit freely.
Another 14 hour perpetual Sunday brunch so soon??
Umm, YES.. And allow us to tell you why.
1. Its a day of Love.. Love of music, love of dance, love of each other and the simple love of a 14 hour bloody mary brunch. Why not celebrate?
2. Its a birthday celebration for the one and only Lovely Jamie James & Monica Williams..
3. NO work on Monday!!! Its Presidents day!
And 4. Because we play dirty, dirtay, DIRTY beats that make you shake that ASS!

So here it is!

Sunday February 14th, 2010
Valentine's Day brunch w/ Strategik

12pm – 1 Terminal Shock
1-2 Agent Zero
2-3 Loryn
3-4 Jonboy
4-5 Alixr
5-6 Ethan Miller
6-7 Jason Gunz
7-8 Pirata
8-9 Bill Samuels
9-10 Influence
10-11 Simple Greene
11-12 Dex Stakker
12-1 Floorcraft
1-2am Whiskey Devil & Lex 1

Noon - 2am .. .. (that's 14 hours of dirty, loving, shake that ass BASS)

FREE b4 3pm
$5 after
$10 after 10pm


Located @
The Triple Crown
1760 Market St.
In memory of two of my first fans, Randall and Eric.
Randall, you were there from before the beginning. You put up with my terrible mixing when I only played at the Department of Spontaneous Combustion every Thursday and even gave me props. Thank you for letting me stay at your house when you were in New Orleans a year ago, I wear the mask you gave me with pride and love.
Eric, You were the only person that could keep up with me at that Evil Breaks 5 yr anniversary party. Thank you for introducing me to Dragon and I'm so glad you were there at Jelly's for Peanut Butter Jelly time, that was one of my best and fullest dance floors ever. Thank you for rocking out!
Drunken Breaks recording, some of the mixing is kinda sloppy and I let Lex 1 play a couple tracks but it's entertaining!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Schedule and Burnlesque mix!

Dear Darlings,
I am so excited, I have finally figured out a mailing list! Google has always been kind to me and Red Stick Man suggested Google Groups to handle sending emails and the like. I'm still getting used to it and only have about 25 people but I plan on bringing out a little notebook to my gigs and upping that number soon.
So, here is my schedule of upcoming gigs! ((( I have no idea yet when I'll be playing at most of these gigs so just plan on coming early!)))
February 5th, 2010
STAKK THE DECKS presents: PROMANCE - Beating Cupid to the Punch
Shine - 1337 Mission St. San Francisco, CA
(between the 9th and 10th) [street parking avail]

A Celebration of Our Love....for sexy breaks, electro and bass, and a special birthday celebration for Amanda M.
We're getting the drop on Cupid and celebrating our day of love a week early, professing our devotion to all things electro and breaks, though we are exactly on time to celebrate Amanda's birthday, and we've got a lineup to do both in grand fashion. I wanted to assemble a pre-Valentine's Day lineup of LOVERS of dance music, DJ's who could deliver one of those nights at Shine that leaves you feeling like you got away with something by only paying a $5 cover. I think such a lineup has been assembled (no pressure, DJs! :)). come join the love.

Sexy beats with no punches pulled by:
Influence (StrategikSF)
Dex Stakker (Opel)
Whiskey Devil
Rumblemunk (

21 and over, $5 all night, 9PM to 2AM
February 6th, 2010
Red Circle Society proudly presents: M A S Q U E R A D E !
for more info ping or call me.
February 13, 2010 Saturday
Freeform vs. Dubalicious w/ special guests BAM vs M.O.D. plus Whiskey Devil
Shine - 1337 Mission St. San Francisco, CA
(between the 9th and 10th) [street parking avail]
Hello kiddies,
Thanks to all of you for making our 3 yr. anniversary so special. Extra big thanks to Michael Hearn for rockin the decks on his debut and packing the joint by 9pm!
Our next stop on the FreeDub train we have a very special musical performance: BAM and M.O.D. will be tearing Shine a new one on 3 turntables, complete with scratching, funked-up goodness! This will be a set you do not want to miss.

Opening up the night is another up and coming dj who is qiuckly rising up, Whiskey Devil. We seem to be the launch pad for many a new dj in SF. (any aspiring djs out there please hit us up for a dj opportunity).
And, as always, your favorite resident djs, Floorcraft and Jonboy, will graciously do what they best: ROCK IT!
We will not only be celebrating (or bashing) Valentine's Day, but will also be celebrating birthdays of Yanti, Floorcraft, and all other Aquarians!

FREE before 10:30 by replying "Attending" on this invite. Otherwise, it is only a measly $5, for what will surely be another epic night!
peace and love,
your FreeDub crew
(((I will be opening up the night at 9 and will be playing a pretty short set so get there early early!)))
February 14, 2010
"Love Affair" Valentine's Day brunch w/ Strategik
The Triple Crown
1760 Market St
Another 14 hour perpetual brunch so soon??
Umm, YES.. And allow us to tell you why.
1. Its a day of Love.. Love of music, love of dance, love of each other and the simple love of a 14 hour bloody mary brunch. Why not celebrate?
2. Its a birthday celebration for the one and only LOvely Jamie James & Monica Williams..
3. NO work on Monday!!! Its Presidents day!
And 4. Because we play dirty, dirtay, DIRTY beats that make you shake that ASS!

So here it is!

Sunday February 14th, 2010
"Love Affair" Valentine's Day brunch w/ Strategik

w/ DJs:
Ethan Miller (F&F)
Dex Stakker (Opel/Opulent Temple)
Alixr (F&F)
P-Dub (GuerillaBASS)
Jonboy vs. Floorcraft (Dubalicious/Freeform)
Bill Samuels (Chuck inc)
Whiskey Devil
Agent Zero (Swag)
Influence (Strategik)
Simple Greene (Strategik)
Pirata (Strategik)
Loryn (Strategik/Mizumo Music)
Terminal Shock (Strategik debut)

Noon - 2am .. .. (that's 14 hours of dirty, loving, shake that ass BASS)
FREE b4 3pm
$5 after
$10 after 10pm


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Burnlesque was amazingly awesome and I'm thankful for all those DJs that came out and rocked it for my room. Here is my mix from that night in all it's mastered glory!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Witness

My dear troopers,
How was your NYE? Did you party your ass off as long as I did? I had a mental break down at Supper of Survivors, I hope I didn't make an ass of my self in front of Felix the Dog!

Last week I got a bit drunk and listened to DJ Icon's breaks mix and decided I needed to finally record a breaks mix of my own. Yeah, there's probably some electro house in there but I can't help it, I'm still learning where these genras draw the line!

Here it is, turn it loud!

Also, I wanted to invite you over to urmystar where I will be trying out their hosting and posting and other internetty goodness for a little bit. Please check out some of the other DJs stuff and explore, this set will be posted there shorty!