Monday, February 22, 2010

Just say yes

Dear Healthies,
This sickness is kicking my butt! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow morning so no worries, they will fix me. (Thankfully even after coughing my brains out I can still do some internetting.) The fantastic Simple Greene recorded my set from Valentine's day so check it out and tell me what ya think! I'm not totally happy with some of the mixes but people seemed to love it there, I even got handed $10 from someone in the crowd! After a long day of depression and sadness then 6 or 7 shots of whiskey I think I did a pretty good job considering. ;)

Here it is for your listening pleasure!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Kittens,
Well that was a crazy 2 weekends to put under my belt. I am still sick but thankfully I'm slightly less broke, I have to say I LOVE CLOSING. I'ts so much more fun usually then opening, the die-hards are always there and I get to play the heavy shit which is super fun. I get cut off early a lot because of the bar but sometimes I get to play longer then any one else. Valentines day was pretty depressing but once I got to Triple Crown, had 6 shots and later DJed my frown had turned upside down. One of the most fun sets I've played since Burnlesque, hopefully I'll get the recording from Simple Greene so I can share the luv.
So the only thing that's coming up for me for now is Fuente Eterno in Mexico! I've added some pictures I scrounged up from years past to show ya what it's like. 4 days of awesome sauce with 2 stages and a pool party on Saturday. Hiking, personal hotspring tubs at every camp site, 4 waterfalls, amazing views in a place that is exactly like what you think of as an "oasis". Tix are sold out but people will be getting rid of theirs all before the event so just check criagslist, FB and email the guys at the site if ya would like to go. I'm playing the main stage Thursday night (I think?) so if you are in need of a vacation this is the place to go!
Here's the blurb on their website:
"In the sleepy dawn of humanity, mankind made perhaps its most important discovery. Long before the advent of cell phones, motor cars, or even books, mankind discovered The Beat. The Beat gave birth to Dance and the timeless union of the two became the foundation of our most ecstatic celebrations and most sacred rituals. Only recently have the two been thought separate. Separate they will be no more.

In the past 4 years of Fuente Eterno, we have grown, loved, laughed, and shared. We have discovered that the spiritual and the celebratory are not only compatible, but essential to each other. Like our tribe, they support each other, define each other, and allow each other to blossom to their full potential of being. If Fuente Eterno had lasted 2 years, it might have been called "luck". If Fuente Eterno had lasted 4 years, it might have been called "persistence". However, now in it's 5th year... Fuente Eterno can be called nothing short of a phenomenon....... and that pheonominon is YOU.

We ask once again that you take up the instruments of our ancestors because The Divine is but a cosmsic conductor and we, the instruments being played by its need for infinite perspective. As a Tribe we will sing out our notes with such ecstacy so that the celestial sound rings in the halls of the ages and never loses so much as an ounce of the passion with which they were played. Discover the union of sacred and celebratory within you and the warmth of friends and family that surround you. Discover joy, laughter, love, and the loss of all unimportant attachments. Discover The Beat and Dance with your family, your friends, your TRIBE. Discover the Tribal Celebration....

Discover Fuente Eterno again... for the first time.

Welcome to Fuente Eterno…"

Much love and many hugs! WD

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We won't stop!

Dear Sweets,
Last weekend really took it out on me, I think that was the first time I've played every day of the weekend. Now that I have semi-recovered I'd like to share with ya some upcoming shows and stuff! This weekend is looking to be even busier for me with multiple bookings Sat night, at least they aren't even a block away. :)
Anon/N!NE presents..


in association with our friends

Friday, Feb. 12, 2010
@ Anon Gallery
285 9th St./ SF

A LOVE & HAITI benefit too..
To help raise funds for Burners w/o Borders work in Haiti
Check out Burning Man Earth's "Gaia GPS (Haiti)" iPhone App

PLUS a memory-raising send-off for the passing of our pal,
David “Lazy $lave” Minassian
(Memorial event on Feb. 27 @ Anon Gallery)
[[[ + RIP to Eric Johnson - a wonderful brother ]]]

As always, this is a DONATION ONLY event.
We encourage and appreciate your support
and wouldn't be here without you. Thank you!

• The gorgeous Sea of Dreams Mermaids/ Venus in Velvet
• Sea of Dreams Mermaid Love Gallery/ Joegh Bullock
• Sea of Dreams videos/Luis Luxvibes (Luxvibes)
• LoveTech U-Mix-It/ Digital Jam Lounge/ Rich DDT (LoveTech)
---Sign Up Here and Bring Your Instruments:
• DIY LoveTech Zoetrope – Tim Anderson
• Contact Juggling - Richard Hartnell
• Synchronized ColorSynths - Eric Bateman (LoveTech)
• Gaze/ An Interactive Eye - Mary Franck (False-Profit)

• CHELSEA FAITH (LoveTech) + ColorSynths
• EDISON (LoveTech)
• RIBOTTO (LoveTech)
• JANAKA SELEKTA (Gods Robots)
• MYCHO PAN COCOA (MalLabel/Janky Barge)
• KASHIA (Anon)
• RICH DDT (LoveTech)
Freeform vs. Dubalicious w/ special guests BAM vs M.O.D. plus Whiskey Devil
Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 9:00pm
1337 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA

Hello kiddies,

Thanks to all of you for making our 3 yr. anniversary so special. Extra big thanks to Michael Hearn for rockin the decks on his debut and packing the joint by 9pm!

Our next stop on the FreeDub train we have a very special musical performance: BAM and M.O.D. will be tearing Shine a new one on 3 turntables, complete with scratching, funked-up goodness! This will be a set you do not want to miss.

Opening up the night is another up and coming dj who is quickly rising up, Whiskey Devil. We seem to be the launch pad for many a new dj in SF. (((I am playing first so come early early!))).

And, as always, your favorite resident djs, Floorcraft and Jonboy, will graciously do what they best: ROCK IT!

We will not only be celebrating (or bashing) Valentine's Day, but will also be celebrating birthdays of Yanti, Floorcraft, and all other Aquarians!

FREE before 10:30 by replying "Attending" on this invite.!/event.php?eid=271978735823
Otherwise, it is only a measly $5, for what will surely be another epic night!

peace and love,

your FreeDub crew
Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 10:30pm
There's a glove around our heart when we wield it like a tool;
The ART OF LOVE gallery-warming fundraiser has grown 3 sizes bigger for real!

The Village Arts Space' 11,000 sq ft, 2-story warehouse in SoMa will brim on February 13th with Paintings! Visuals! Sculptures! Interactive Craft! Live Creation! Tumblers! Dancers! Delicious Vittels! Fashion Design! Kissing Booth Operators! DJs! Live Performance! Chocolate!
And Every Face a Different Shade at the ART OF LOVE gallery-warming masquerade ball!

February 13th; over two dozen musical acts, burlesque, belly-dancing and all manner of sultriness plus several delectable reveals as you explore the many masks of love from 8pm to sunrise! Will you?

Admission $10 w/mask, $15 w/o via invitation and RSVP only
Location to be announced via phone or email to RSVP list 10 February 2010.
Doulas & Midwives admit freely.


Lokesh, eYen.zak, & DJ Pranawave will guide us through worldy ecstatic dance from 830 to 1130 before Palindrome cools us down for the soothing sounds of Lila Rose & Hot Pink Purple [Anahata & dangeRuss]. Janaka Selekta and Radiohiro then set fire to the shisha while Byron Lightweaver, Outersect & Chlorophil carry us into Phidelity's sunrise set. Will there be belly-dancers and other live-performers? It is the Hookahdome room.


Something wicked this way womps when Inquell, Whiskey Devil & Shakti Bliss kiss us with heart-centered dubstep sets through midnight. But don't blow your dance-card this early. Mal favorites Skulltrane & El Diablo grind us into a Mozaic headchange, before Mochipet promises to lovningly slay us [what does that even mean?]. Can the Ninjatune crew end their international tour with us as an official after-party? Come as hard as you like guys, Lotus Drops' goddess-whomp will nurture us enough to face Valentine's Day like it ought.

Plus, Vittles, Libations, & Delectable Unveil as we swap true masks and enjoy the prayerformances of Niema Lightseed, the Counter-Culture Collective, and my-oh-my, Jill Parker & Elana Brutman. I'm gonna have to enjoy a cup of Om Shan Tea, and engage the private art collections of Ecoartopia and over a dozen independent artists.

If this raises funds and warms the gallery, I can't wait to see it hot; Come swerve your hearts & hips and show us what mask ya got!

Admission $10 w/mask, $15 w/o via invitation and RSVP only
Location to be announced via phone or email to RSVP list 10 February 2010.
Doulas & Midwives admit freely.
Another 14 hour perpetual Sunday brunch so soon??
Umm, YES.. And allow us to tell you why.
1. Its a day of Love.. Love of music, love of dance, love of each other and the simple love of a 14 hour bloody mary brunch. Why not celebrate?
2. Its a birthday celebration for the one and only Lovely Jamie James & Monica Williams..
3. NO work on Monday!!! Its Presidents day!
And 4. Because we play dirty, dirtay, DIRTY beats that make you shake that ASS!

So here it is!

Sunday February 14th, 2010
Valentine's Day brunch w/ Strategik

12pm – 1 Terminal Shock
1-2 Agent Zero
2-3 Loryn
3-4 Jonboy
4-5 Alixr
5-6 Ethan Miller
6-7 Jason Gunz
7-8 Pirata
8-9 Bill Samuels
9-10 Influence
10-11 Simple Greene
11-12 Dex Stakker
12-1 Floorcraft
1-2am Whiskey Devil & Lex 1

Noon - 2am .. .. (that's 14 hours of dirty, loving, shake that ass BASS)

FREE b4 3pm
$5 after
$10 after 10pm


Located @
The Triple Crown
1760 Market St.
In memory of two of my first fans, Randall and Eric.
Randall, you were there from before the beginning. You put up with my terrible mixing when I only played at the Department of Spontaneous Combustion every Thursday and even gave me props. Thank you for letting me stay at your house when you were in New Orleans a year ago, I wear the mask you gave me with pride and love.
Eric, You were the only person that could keep up with me at that Evil Breaks 5 yr anniversary party. Thank you for introducing me to Dragon and I'm so glad you were there at Jelly's for Peanut Butter Jelly time, that was one of my best and fullest dance floors ever. Thank you for rocking out!
Drunken Breaks recording, some of the mixing is kinda sloppy and I let Lex 1 play a couple tracks but it's entertaining!