Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What an amazing weekend! Worked at Guitar Center Friday and Saturday and partied Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Made some very good connections with a bunch of different folks and danced my ass off to some of my favorite local DJs.
Mad props to: ClyMAX, Mr. Rodgers, Jonboy, Dex Stakker, Peek, Influence, Syd Gris, Meat Katie, DJ Amar, Zach Moore, Energy Alchemist, Non Sequitur and the whole Opulent Temple crew. (sorry if I forgot anyone!)

Friday I went to a 420 party that my friend ClyMAX played at and had a surprisingly good time until the cops broke it up at 3am. Saturday went to Opel's 7 yr anniversary at Mission Rock and had the best time dancing since the Evil Breaks party 2 or 3 weeks ago. Stayed up all night and left with some friends around 8am. Continued the party in the upper Haight and DJed my first house party! DJ Non Sequitur brought all his gear over and we tag-teamed from 9am to 4pm on no sleep. I didn't have any of my gear with me so I used all of his music which after warming up worked out REALLY well thanks to Serato.
Sorry, I couldn't record it. :P

Sooo.. phew, just thinking about it makes me happy and tired at the same time.

Working on my set for tonight, will probably be all over the place as usual. I'm starting to get a bit aggrivated that I can't nail down one genra for DSC. I'm finding it very tuff to feel satisfied when creating sets for Tuesday as opposed to Thursday when I know what they are looking for because half of them DJ as well. :Prophet suggested I work on engineering the feeling on Tuesdays, I come up with either dance, depress, or dreamy and I just don't want to do any of those. Blah. Suggestions? Post in Comments!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Focus on Local Artists: Dex Stakker

While waiting for my next upload I suggest checking out my friend Dex Stakker's music. He's one of my favorite DJs in the Bay Area and every party he spins is badass.
Last year I found a free Dex Stakker CD lying around at some Burning Man party and decided to check it out, rocked my ass off in the car and finally saw him live a month or two later. He's got about 8 mixes out and you can grab them all for free right here!

I find it refreshingly common that a lot of DJs around here are willing to talk to fans (as long as they arn't in the mix!) and from what I can tell don't have super massive egos floating around posturing for each other. Now a days if I listen to a good DJ I'll try and stick around to talk afterward or get a free CD or even just a website (mysface book is not a damn website!) I have not had a bad experience yet that I can remember. ;)

So anyway here's to you Dex, I dedicate my latest mix to you!

In other news, sounds like I'm going to the Opel 7 yr anniversary tonight so maybe I'll see ya there! Look for the girl in the sparkle mask and horns ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Dear darlings,
Thursday was great; Blue sky, temperature in the 70s and a general happy feeling of spring in the air. Worked in my friend Johnathan's shop molding and casting horns then skipped over to Candy Mountain for a few hours before my set. Prepared and organized a couple of hundred songs before playing around 8:30pm.
WD @ Candy Mtn. 4-23-09
I'm really happy with this set except for a fuck-up in the middle. (pretend it's not there)
I first heard the crazy remix of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds at Breakfast of Champions the day after new years. Space cowboys were tearing it up and then THAT song came on and everyone flipped out, one of my happiest memories. :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello darlings,
Did a pretty good set yesterday and had a fantastic time doing it.
WD @ DSC 4-21-09
Then me and :Prophet did a bit of tag-teaming.
WD Vs. :P @ DSC 4-21-09
Will write more later, not really feeling very wordy today.

Ps. Thank you to all those wonderful people out there leaving me comments! I love you all.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is that you Chubaca?

Finally got my set from Thursday. Accidentally deleted my set from Tuesday :P (wasn't very good any way)
Sorry it's a WAV again, I need to remember to always change it to MP3 next time!
Also I had kind of a false start with Chubaca, just wait through the 15 seconds of silence,
I'm pretty damn happy with this set and was bouncing all over the place as I DJed. Spent about 3 hours picking out the songs and I'm planning on doing the same for next Tuesday as well. Keep in mind this is a WAV so it takes a while to load, if you internet is slow or crappy I suggest right clicking and saving as to your computer.
Tell me if you have any problems with the file in the comments below or in person.
Enjoy my filthy assistants!

WD @ Magnolia/Candy Mountain 4-16-09 WAV

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just another sucker on the vine

I got my first pay check last night from Guitar Center and decided to celebrate by getting really drunk last night at the Black Magic bar. Met a stand up comedian and a tree climber, pretty interesting night. Now, back to work!
WD @ Magnolia/Candy Mountain 4-9-09
and the 2nd:
WD @ Magnolia/Candy Mountain 4-9-09 O2

Thursday, April 9, 2009

46 & 2 just ahead of me..

Damn, sounds like everyone is heading over to Yuri's Night at the Academy of Science. Some day I'm gonna go but not today, instead I have musical goodies! The 2nd and 3rd recordings from Tuesday:
#2 WD @ DSC
#3 WD @ DSC

Have fun all you sexi astronomers!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just like you

Hello sexies,
I just did a fantastic set at DSC and will hopefully get those MP3s to you in the next couple of days. For now I have the first of 3 WAVs from DSC on March 31st. Enjoy and tell me what you think in the comments!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hm, weird. I thought I had a new mix but it turned out to be an old one. Damn, I just wasted an hour or two :P
Well any way, I thought I should give a big shout out to my best friends and teachers Prophet and One Night. If it weren't for these guys I wouldn't be a DJ. They also have a great blog that I think you may enjoy so go check it out.

Also, I have great love and respect for DJ Peek with the Ambient Mafia. First time I heard him play my jaw dropped to the floor. We have very similar taste so if you like my stuff go bug him and ask for some of his mixes too. (He's also a real DJ!) Thank you, you rock!