Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is that you Chubaca?

Finally got my set from Thursday. Accidentally deleted my set from Tuesday :P (wasn't very good any way)
Sorry it's a WAV again, I need to remember to always change it to MP3 next time!
Also I had kind of a false start with Chubaca, just wait through the 15 seconds of silence,
I'm pretty damn happy with this set and was bouncing all over the place as I DJed. Spent about 3 hours picking out the songs and I'm planning on doing the same for next Tuesday as well. Keep in mind this is a WAV so it takes a while to load, if you internet is slow or crappy I suggest right clicking and saving as to your computer.
Tell me if you have any problems with the file in the comments below or in person.
Enjoy my filthy assistants!

WD @ Magnolia/Candy Mountain 4-16-09 WAV

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