Saturday, April 25, 2009

Focus on Local Artists: Dex Stakker

While waiting for my next upload I suggest checking out my friend Dex Stakker's music. He's one of my favorite DJs in the Bay Area and every party he spins is badass.
Last year I found a free Dex Stakker CD lying around at some Burning Man party and decided to check it out, rocked my ass off in the car and finally saw him live a month or two later. He's got about 8 mixes out and you can grab them all for free right here!

I find it refreshingly common that a lot of DJs around here are willing to talk to fans (as long as they arn't in the mix!) and from what I can tell don't have super massive egos floating around posturing for each other. Now a days if I listen to a good DJ I'll try and stick around to talk afterward or get a free CD or even just a website (mysface book is not a damn website!) I have not had a bad experience yet that I can remember. ;)

So anyway here's to you Dex, I dedicate my latest mix to you!

In other news, sounds like I'm going to the Opel 7 yr anniversary tonight so maybe I'll see ya there! Look for the girl in the sparkle mask and horns ;)

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