Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What an amazing weekend! Worked at Guitar Center Friday and Saturday and partied Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Made some very good connections with a bunch of different folks and danced my ass off to some of my favorite local DJs.
Mad props to: ClyMAX, Mr. Rodgers, Jonboy, Dex Stakker, Peek, Influence, Syd Gris, Meat Katie, DJ Amar, Zach Moore, Energy Alchemist, Non Sequitur and the whole Opulent Temple crew. (sorry if I forgot anyone!)

Friday I went to a 420 party that my friend ClyMAX played at and had a surprisingly good time until the cops broke it up at 3am. Saturday went to Opel's 7 yr anniversary at Mission Rock and had the best time dancing since the Evil Breaks party 2 or 3 weeks ago. Stayed up all night and left with some friends around 8am. Continued the party in the upper Haight and DJed my first house party! DJ Non Sequitur brought all his gear over and we tag-teamed from 9am to 4pm on no sleep. I didn't have any of my gear with me so I used all of his music which after warming up worked out REALLY well thanks to Serato.
Sorry, I couldn't record it. :P

Sooo.. phew, just thinking about it makes me happy and tired at the same time.

Working on my set for tonight, will probably be all over the place as usual. I'm starting to get a bit aggrivated that I can't nail down one genra for DSC. I'm finding it very tuff to feel satisfied when creating sets for Tuesday as opposed to Thursday when I know what they are looking for because half of them DJ as well. :Prophet suggested I work on engineering the feeling on Tuesdays, I come up with either dance, depress, or dreamy and I just don't want to do any of those. Blah. Suggestions? Post in Comments!

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