Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I want my honey

Hello my darlings,
welcome back to another exciting edition of DJ Whiskey Devil's Blogspot. Served piping hot is a brand spanking new mix of all new music!(to me anyway)
My dear sexi boi Lex1 was kind enough to do a little music-sharing and I present to you a mix I am very proud of:

My Feet Hurt:Breaks, Dub, and a few other things.

Let me know what you think and if you and also an awesome DJ and would like to share some tunes with me and I with you drop me a line!
WhiskeyIsTheDevil (at) gmail (dot) com

In other news: Had an amazing Summer Solstice with OPEL at Mission Rock, watched the sun rise and watched Dex Stakker very closely to see if there is some kind of trick to his perfect DJing. Turns out there are no tricks except that he DJ's like a doctor, every movement with the CDJ's and mixer are precise and smooth. Also, he's very good with a Pioneer DJM 800 and all it's amazing efx.
After that me and Lex1 find his car window was smashed just outside of Mission Rock. We drive back to Potrero Hill and find my window was smashed as well.. strange, eh? Miles away from each other.
Last weekend we celebrated at 2 parties held at the places I usually spin, ACME/Department of Spontaneous Combustion and Magnolia/Candy Mtn. I did no spinning myself but had a fabulous time anyway. Always love listening to DJ Dragn'fly and ONYD Sound System. :)
Hm.. any thing else? Oh, I'm sick with a summer cold but seem to be getting better now thankfully.
Also, half-moving to SF tomorrow after work. Once I start paying rent then I'll really be moving in. What does this mean? Well, all you people that never come see me play in the East Bay because it's too far or whatever can come by, bring me booze and listen to your heart's (or feets) content. If YOU ARE a DJ and would like to battle or just let me play on your stuff drop me a line, that would be awesome!

Ok, long rambling post, will try not to next time...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monkey Chant

Dear cuties,
Just wanted to do a little post of stuff I like so you don't decide that my website is dead and never come back.
Lex1's latest Breaks Mix

And some videos I like:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We dis and dismantle no hits

My sweethearts,
Last week I finally worked out my CD which is my set from Precom!
But you ask, how do you have your set from precom, you were stupid and did not press the record button?
Well kittinz, thanks to the amazing technology of Serato I have my whole set list from beginning to end and even what time I started and ended my songs! So on the morning of Wednesday last week I spun the full hour and a half set again and recorded for it for real for your pleasure (and mine!) Soon, hopefully this week, I shall have at my disposal equipment for turning this recording into a sweet sounding CD and maybe even chop it into bits so you can skip from one song to another! (thanks 2 LEX1) Soon you will start seeing my CD spread around like the black plague and less like the swine flu.
So once I have the finalized version of Precom I will put a permanent link on the side bar so you can always download it and not have to go back through my blog to find it! :D
Thank you again to those who showed up and if you see me soon ask for a CD!
PRECOMPRESSION The Real Story By Whiskey Devil

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good news and bad news but mostly good news

Welcome peeps! Phew! Last weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. I'm still in a daze from everything so please excuse my bad writing style.
Precompression was amazingly fantastic and not just because I got to DJ at a club for the first time. Everyone on the Brass Tax stage that played after me was top-notch and I'm so glad I got to set the mood for some of my favorite djs. Thank you to Joe Joe and JK Sound for setting up such a bumpin' system and helping me out. Also a big shout-out to all you that came out early to help support me, thanks!
Now a little history.. Last year at Precompression I was a stage manager for 2 different stages at 1015 folsom and delt with a bunch of DJs including my now good-friend One Night aka Zaius. I had also just met :Prophet aka Justin a week earlier. I had no interest in Djing, just volunteering for BM. So in other words thanks guys for the awesome year and for showing me the ropes of DJing!

SOOOO.... any way the bad news is that I didn't record my set. Stupid Zoom and stupid me for not triple checking that it was working and recording. Thanks to Serato I have my whole set list from beginning to end so I shall be re-recording it for your pleasure and maybe make it a CD. I'm hopeing to do that this week but for now I have my Precom Prep recording from a few days earlier.

Pre-precom prep & WD vs :Prophet vs Lex1

Also, if you have any pictures of me from Precom please send them to me!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get up, go insane!

I am ecstatic to announce that I am confirmed to be playing at Precompression this Saturday the 6th @ Mission Rock Cafe!
My set is from 8pm-9pm so you guys have to get there early and be ready to dance your ass off for an hour straight!
This is my first REAL NON-WAREHOUSE gig so PLEASE come out and support me. Maybe when they see how big of a crowd came out for lil-old me they will book me for Decompression!
All the info you will need is here.

In other news: The ONYD sound system was kind enough to let me practice for 2 hours yesterday. I was having trouble with one of the CDJs for the first hour so I suggest you just skip 40 or 50 min ahead. Once I got to the 1hour mark I started really having fun with mixing beats together! Dubstep on trance is awesome! Also, the sound level is pretty low so crank it up!

WD @ DSC 6-2-09

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Warrior

So Saturday instead of going out to DSC for their 2nd party in a row I went and saw Pretty Lights by myself at the Independent in SF. You can download their whole discography at that link, I highly suggest it. The show blew my mind in many ways, when I'm a famous DJ/Producer I will have a live drummer and a giant LED screen from STS9. Big props to all those DJs out there in Colorado.
Met some awesome people people at the show and went to thier place afterwards for a long night of DJing. Fell asleep at around 5am and went to the Space Cowboy's Brunch at the 3 Crowns on Market. Here are the very long MP3's from Sat and Sunday, enjoy!

#1 5-31-09 WD VS. Lex 1 3X3
#2 5-31-09 WD VS. Lex 1 3X3
#3 5-31-09 WD VS. Lex 1 Chunk

Handz Up

I am back, yes that's right. Utah was fantastic, 7 days of white water rafting/kayaking down the San Juan River then 7 days hard-core back packing/canyoneering in the Cheese Box area. Made lots of friends and lots of personal discoveries and lost about 10 lbs and gained 10 lbs of muscle.
This MP3 is my first time DJing since I got back.

More posting coming very, very soon!