Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Warrior

So Saturday instead of going out to DSC for their 2nd party in a row I went and saw Pretty Lights by myself at the Independent in SF. You can download their whole discography at that link, I highly suggest it. The show blew my mind in many ways, when I'm a famous DJ/Producer I will have a live drummer and a giant LED screen from STS9. Big props to all those DJs out there in Colorado.
Met some awesome people people at the show and went to thier place afterwards for a long night of DJing. Fell asleep at around 5am and went to the Space Cowboy's Brunch at the 3 Crowns on Market. Here are the very long MP3's from Sat and Sunday, enjoy!

#1 5-31-09 WD VS. Lex 1 3X3
#2 5-31-09 WD VS. Lex 1 3X3
#3 5-31-09 WD VS. Lex 1 Chunk


  1. awwwww sugar plum, sat was the dsc fundraiser ........friday was fishbug, ..........we needed you and your folkers..........we forgive you though.........just get hella folks to come down to the june 27th and they should make enough dough to make the biggest fire cannon yet.