Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We dis and dismantle no hits

My sweethearts,
Last week I finally worked out my CD which is my set from Precom!
But you ask, how do you have your set from precom, you were stupid and did not press the record button?
Well kittinz, thanks to the amazing technology of Serato I have my whole set list from beginning to end and even what time I started and ended my songs! So on the morning of Wednesday last week I spun the full hour and a half set again and recorded for it for real for your pleasure (and mine!) Soon, hopefully this week, I shall have at my disposal equipment for turning this recording into a sweet sounding CD and maybe even chop it into bits so you can skip from one song to another! (thanks 2 LEX1) Soon you will start seeing my CD spread around like the black plague and less like the swine flu.
So once I have the finalized version of Precom I will put a permanent link on the side bar so you can always download it and not have to go back through my blog to find it! :D
Thank you again to those who showed up and if you see me soon ask for a CD!
PRECOMPRESSION The Real Story By Whiskey Devil

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