Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good news and bad news but mostly good news

Welcome peeps! Phew! Last weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. I'm still in a daze from everything so please excuse my bad writing style.
Precompression was amazingly fantastic and not just because I got to DJ at a club for the first time. Everyone on the Brass Tax stage that played after me was top-notch and I'm so glad I got to set the mood for some of my favorite djs. Thank you to Joe Joe and JK Sound for setting up such a bumpin' system and helping me out. Also a big shout-out to all you that came out early to help support me, thanks!
Now a little history.. Last year at Precompression I was a stage manager for 2 different stages at 1015 folsom and delt with a bunch of DJs including my now good-friend One Night aka Zaius. I had also just met :Prophet aka Justin a week earlier. I had no interest in Djing, just volunteering for BM. So in other words thanks guys for the awesome year and for showing me the ropes of DJing!

SOOOO.... any way the bad news is that I didn't record my set. Stupid Zoom and stupid me for not triple checking that it was working and recording. Thanks to Serato I have my whole set list from beginning to end so I shall be re-recording it for your pleasure and maybe make it a CD. I'm hopeing to do that this week but for now I have my Precom Prep recording from a few days earlier.

Pre-precom prep & WD vs :Prophet vs Lex1

Also, if you have any pictures of me from Precom please send them to me!

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