Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get up, go insane!

I am ecstatic to announce that I am confirmed to be playing at Precompression this Saturday the 6th @ Mission Rock Cafe!
My set is from 8pm-9pm so you guys have to get there early and be ready to dance your ass off for an hour straight!
This is my first REAL NON-WAREHOUSE gig so PLEASE come out and support me. Maybe when they see how big of a crowd came out for lil-old me they will book me for Decompression!
All the info you will need is here.

In other news: The ONYD sound system was kind enough to let me practice for 2 hours yesterday. I was having trouble with one of the CDJs for the first hour so I suggest you just skip 40 or 50 min ahead. Once I got to the 1hour mark I started really having fun with mixing beats together! Dubstep on trance is awesome! Also, the sound level is pretty low so crank it up!

WD @ DSC 6-2-09

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  1. DJ WhiskeyDevil, I left my Chuck Darwin stencil and shiny gold lacquer spray paint on the right hand side of the DJ booth + tables. If you picked these items up or know of there whereabouts please let me know.

    Great to meet you tonight.