Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Kittens,
Well that was a crazy 2 weekends to put under my belt. I am still sick but thankfully I'm slightly less broke, I have to say I LOVE CLOSING. I'ts so much more fun usually then opening, the die-hards are always there and I get to play the heavy shit which is super fun. I get cut off early a lot because of the bar but sometimes I get to play longer then any one else. Valentines day was pretty depressing but once I got to Triple Crown, had 6 shots and later DJed my frown had turned upside down. One of the most fun sets I've played since Burnlesque, hopefully I'll get the recording from Simple Greene so I can share the luv.
So the only thing that's coming up for me for now is Fuente Eterno in Mexico! I've added some pictures I scrounged up from years past to show ya what it's like. 4 days of awesome sauce with 2 stages and a pool party on Saturday. Hiking, personal hotspring tubs at every camp site, 4 waterfalls, amazing views in a place that is exactly like what you think of as an "oasis". Tix are sold out but people will be getting rid of theirs all before the event so just check criagslist, FB and email the guys at the site if ya would like to go. I'm playing the main stage Thursday night (I think?) so if you are in need of a vacation this is the place to go!
Here's the blurb on their website:
"In the sleepy dawn of humanity, mankind made perhaps its most important discovery. Long before the advent of cell phones, motor cars, or even books, mankind discovered The Beat. The Beat gave birth to Dance and the timeless union of the two became the foundation of our most ecstatic celebrations and most sacred rituals. Only recently have the two been thought separate. Separate they will be no more.

In the past 4 years of Fuente Eterno, we have grown, loved, laughed, and shared. We have discovered that the spiritual and the celebratory are not only compatible, but essential to each other. Like our tribe, they support each other, define each other, and allow each other to blossom to their full potential of being. If Fuente Eterno had lasted 2 years, it might have been called "luck". If Fuente Eterno had lasted 4 years, it might have been called "persistence". However, now in it's 5th year... Fuente Eterno can be called nothing short of a phenomenon....... and that pheonominon is YOU.

We ask once again that you take up the instruments of our ancestors because The Divine is but a cosmsic conductor and we, the instruments being played by its need for infinite perspective. As a Tribe we will sing out our notes with such ecstacy so that the celestial sound rings in the halls of the ages and never loses so much as an ounce of the passion with which they were played. Discover the union of sacred and celebratory within you and the warmth of friends and family that surround you. Discover joy, laughter, love, and the loss of all unimportant attachments. Discover The Beat and Dance with your family, your friends, your TRIBE. Discover the Tribal Celebration....

Discover Fuente Eterno again... for the first time.

Welcome to Fuente Eterno…"

Much love and many hugs! WD

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