Friday, December 18, 2009

Meat Popsicle..

Dear Dancers, prancers and pranksters,
December has been good to me, have been playing a couple of awesome shows and rocking out with many friends. Last Sunday night I played my first Tech House set ever and I have not had as much fun for a while! I get an unusual thrill from playing a genra that's new to me and I would like to thank Brandon of WERD for booking me there. I think I shall re-record that set again because it was so eclectic for being "Tech House" and the dance floor seemed to love it.
My birthday party went off really well, a lot of Strategik was there and Brass Tax and Opulent temple/Opel represented as well. Only about 30 people came, next time I will make sure to keep it a little less private but I had a great time with everyone there. Thank you everyone for making my life so fun and special!

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