Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well well darlings,
what an amazing year at Burning Man! Much much better then last year in fact this was my best year ever due to many different factors; This was the first time I came with a boy friend. First time I did not work for the man at all. First time I came to BM as a DJ and played twice. First time camping with a large theme camp (sound camp too). And first time I did a copious amounts of drugs. ;)

There were many highlights to this burn, every night from Thursday night onward was EPIC starting with getting a birds-eye-view of Freq Nasty and Bassnectar doing their thing. I have never seen any one use 3 CDJs at once like Freq and he inspired me to work in more genres into a set but smoothly and seamlessly (of coarse). I had never seen Bassnectar before and watching him use Abelton, a crappy M-audio controller and a mixer confused the hell out of me. I could not wrap my mind around WTF he was doing but it was definitely amazing. Alex and I stayed up on our platform for many hours studying them and meeting new cool people, if you have seen me at parties before I usually like to be up high above the crowd cuz I get kind of claustrophobic and hot being so short (and I like to dance for others). Perfect spot!

Friday was spent recovering from Thursday and preparing for my Friday night set at the Brass Tax Boom Box. I rocked it from 9-9:45pm and had no idea I was playing before Freq Nasty! After my set I rocked out to Joe Joe, Mace, Ding Dong and Freq Nasty again. After he finished I talked with him a little bit about the song Bonkers and other stuff, super nice guy and turned out he had come by earlier and heard some of my set! (eeek!) I hope he liked it. :) Saturday they burnt the face of the Boom Box at dawn after a long night of partying, sadly I was not there due to the deep need for sleep.

I set up a DJ gig on an art car called the Gypsy Queen which was a giant fishing boat some sweet guys from Alaska had spent years building. Me and :Prophet did a 3 hours of tag-teaming around the playa. At one point we came across Opulent Temple's giant white fish art car and surrounded it for a while. At one point we set up next to the giant Rubicks Cube and put out the giant fishing net into a circle trying to catch some "fish". We caught some small art cars but the sound system was a little too small so they hauled the net back up and we set sail again across the playa. Many thanks to the Gypsy Fleet for letting me DJ for the first time on the playa in their ship!

Some other highlights: going to the trash fence with Lex and watching the sunrise, seeing Pete Hudson's Swimmer's for the first time, making music with the giant monolith from 2001, seeing the man burn from afar, checking out the art that my friends from the Department of Spontaneous Combustion, BYB , and FLG made, Thievery Corporation playing at my camp on Sunday night, rocking out on top of the house behind Opulent Temple, Meeting Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, Freq Nasty, and those other famous peeps at Opulent, rocking out to DJ Peek at Opulent and starting the dance party, sitting in the hookah dome while a giant party went on just outside, finding out Daft Punk was playing live on CD, and so much more that I can't think of right now!

I <3 Burning Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, yes I am back and hitting Craigslist hard. Know of any one hiring in SF? Put it in the comments ;)
Sadly I have no recordings from BM but will bang one out soon since we have 2 new 1200s!

PS. I may be playing SF Decompression and Spiderball! Confirmations to come...

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