Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear Darlings,
Wow, what an amazing weekend I had! Went out to Fairfield for Strategik's first Sanctuary Campout. Here was the line up:
--Mace (Brass Tax)
--Ernie Trevino (Brass Tax)
--Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)
--JonBoy (Dubalicious)
--P-Dub (GuerillaBASS)
--Cosmic Selector (Opulent Temple)
--Anthony Adems (, LA)
--DJ Whiskey Devil (, Much Thump)
--Agent Zero (SWAG)
--Bill Samuels (Wasn't Us)
--Fingers (Nub Action, LA)
--Raydeus (Pronoia,
--Micah J (, Neuroweapon)
--BAM (Evil Breaks, Invibe)
--KDJ (SF)
--Bianca Dino (3L3tronic, Robot Heart, Beatseeker TV)
--Vitamindevo (3L3tronic, Robot Heart, Tronic Visions)
--Influence (Strategik)
--Pirata (Strategik)
--J. Hazen (Strategik)
--Simple Greene (Strategik)
--Drag'n fly (Strategik)
I opened the whole thing and got to play for an hour and a half of funk, disco and electro house. My recording is HERE for your enjoyment, I just listened to it again and am very happy with it.
I finally decided I'm done with using turntables with Serato, I can't lock in a track unless I used CDJs. Hello future!
Some highlights:
Camping with my friends Tom, Ra and my newest friend Tuffy.
Finally getting to swim in a pool for 5 min.
Dancing on the diving board with Mr. Crabs on my head.
Watching some amazing fire spinning.
Getting to rock out to some of my FAV DJs in the bay area.
Watching a amazing sunset and listening to an amazing funky set by Micah J.
Hearing Cosmic Selector play all those amazing remixes again and getting to hang out, chat and do a music exchange with him.
Having a heart to heart with Alex (not Ding Dong) Mace.
Playing my mouth harp for everyone and getting applause.
meeting some more amazing new people.
And finally getting to play at my first camp out!

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