Sunday, August 9, 2009


Wonderful people,
What amazing week and weekend, I have never done so many shows in one week ever before. (let alone done that many shows!)
So I am still kinda in a daze mentally and ego wise, not really getting a big head but actually trying to believe all those compliments from random people. I still consider myself very much a beginner with so much more to learn from everybody and myself but knowing that I don't suck feels good.
The Friday Brass Tax PB&J time party went off amazingly well, had a slightly slow start because of the lack of light and a totally new weird mixer but after a couple of songs the dance floor started grooving and I ripped shit up! It was great seeing so many of my friends there. I found a fantastic remix of Peanut Butter Jelly time that I played about halfway through my set and all the BTx peeps came out and climbed on top of each other to make a pyramid. :P I was so nervous that I found it hard to look up at the crowd, I have pretty bad stage fright but find it annoying when the DJ ignores the crowd.
Yesterday I played a Private Pirate Party on an "island" at fisherman's wharf. Had a fantastic time as well but felt a bit tired (hungover) from the night before and working that day. Spun with Tamo and met DJ Smoove again and spun with another DJ whose name I forgot, sorry! Treasure hunts, barrel rollings and some amazing food for dinner, oh and don't forget the free booze. Had a great time Djing despite my technical difficulties, hooray for turntables and Serato's input reverse!

Many thanks to all for the amazing weekend, supporting me and rocking out with me:
Tamo, Smoove, DingDong, Tom, Sharon, Limbo, Dan DasMan, Byron, Influence, Dex Stakker (thanks for the compliment!), Nate, :Prophet, JK Sound, and all those people I forgot the names of but I still remember you, and most of all Lex because with out you I couldn't DJ!
Special thanks to JoeJoe and Dragon for believing in me and inviting me to spin!

Sorry, no recordings from the weekend due to lack of the right cables at both gigs. If you ask for it in the comments I will give you the track listings though. :P


  1. Awesome and congrats! May I have the track list please?


  2. Cold As Ice (Bastille Remix Shortened Edit) Foreigner 11:06:50 PM PDT 11:12:39 PM PDT 00:05:49 left
    Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) Peaches 11:08:36 PM PDT 11:17:34 PM PDT 00:08:58 right
    11ElectroCali Pretty Lights 11:14:07 PM PDT 11:23:41 PM PDT 00:09:34 left
    Everybody Needs A 303 (Plump DJs Mix) Fatboy Slim 11:18:06 PM PDT 11:26:40 PM PDT 00:08:34 right
    Hustler Simian Mobile Disco 11:24:13 PM PDT 11:29:29 PM PDT 00:05:16 left
    King Of The Bongo (Cut & Run Breaks Mix) Manu Chao 11:26:40 PM PDT 11:35:01 PM PDT 00:08:21 right
    Gangsta´s Parody Cut & Run 11:30:02 PM PDT 11:42:01 PM PDT 00:11:59 left
    Dj Saved My Life (ft. Kay Young) Last Japan v Crispin J Glover 11:35:38 PM PDT 11:46:07 PM PDT 00:10:29 right
    Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Miami Doodoo Bootleg) Claude VonStroke & Christian Martin 11:42:34 PM PDT 11:51:08 PM PDT 00:08:34 left
    what_up_yall_(Dirty_Disco_Youth_Remix) 11:46:44 PM PDT 11:55:26 PM PDT 00:08:42 right
    Ready for the Floor (LA Riots vs Villains Remix) Hot Chip 11:51:08 PM PDT 12:00:13 AM PDT 00:09:05 left
    Boombox (LA Riots Remix) Kylie Mingoue 11:56:21 PM PDT 12:17:14 AM PDT 00:20:53 right
    Tant Besoin de Toi (Douster Remix) Marc Antoine 12:00:13 AM PDT 12:17:14 AM PDT 00:17:01 left

  3. That's my set from Peanut Butter Jelly's Time on Friday.

  4. Hey, this is NoMe, the dj who's name you forgot ;)
    Had fun the other night and dug yer set. Keep rockin' it!
    See ya soon...


  5. Yay! You rocked it as well ;) emailing you now...