Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You can dance if you want to...

Beautiful people!
I am totally stoked about my recording from Temple. It took a little to get warmed up but I can confidently say that I did not fuck up majorly in any way! My sexi Lexi and his long distance friend DJ Oddfellow really helped me out with this set, a LOT. At first I thought I didn't even like electro house but was gladly informed some of my favorite DJs play electro house. Took all night to download stuff and all day to sift through it all but despite getting my computer hacked all went well! Hopefully my Hackintosh will live.
This took a lot of effort to create and not just my effort. Yay for me!
Thanks to the Temple crew, Christoper, Jessica, Byron, Lex, :Prophet, Jack Phrost and any one else I forgot for showing up!

WD's Electro House set from Temple's Breast Cancer Benefit 8-4-09

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